Caedium Crashes when trying to stitch volume

Hi, I have been trying to create a simulation of a geberit/valsir ventilation fitting and have manage to import a model from sketchup. However when I try to volume>stitch all the faces of the fittings, the programme crashes. Please advise me on this problem.

Note. I had the topology option put on.

Thank You

Share your SketchUp file

What version of Caedium are you using (Help->About, latest version is 4.0.2) and on what platform (e.g., 64-bit Windows)?

Please share your SketchUp file (.skp) using Dropbox or another file sharing service so I can try to diagnose the problem. Use our Contact Form to share the file link.

Confirmed bug, but poor geometry

Thanks for sharing the geometry. I can confirm that trying to stitch the faces for this geometry using the topology only option causes a crash. This will be fixed in the next release of Caedium. However, there are numerous problems with this geometry that will prevent you from creating a successful simulation anyway.

For a successful simulation you need to:

  • Preserve/extract feature lines, e.g., 90 degree sharp corners
  • Prevent faces that wrap around on themselves
  • Remove or join zero area faces
  • Better resolve curved surfaces

For this type of geometry (non-planar) it would be better to use a CAD system (export using STEP .stp) or use Caedium's native geometry creation tools. Fundamentally the facets produced by SketchUp for curved surfaces mean they will never be smooth.

Also if you want to simulate water flow through the device you need to assign the Substance to the volume not the background as in the tutorial "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box".