Steam release

I would like to simulate a steam release of a pipe. This release is comparable to your tutorial of the pipe in a box. However i need to simulate steam releasing into the atmosphere. This means that high temperature steam will condensate and mix with the air. I found 2 problems doing this in Caedium. 1: Is it possible to put in Steam in the physics (like air, water etc.) model, and create the change from steam to water? 2. can i have multiphase in the model something like the air+water. Hope my problem is clear.

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No phase changes or dispersed multiphase

Caedium does not currently support phase changes (e.g., steam ->water) or dispersed multiphase. Caedium can not therefore simulate your application.

Caedium does support water and air multiphase in the context of free surface flows. For more details see "Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver".

I could assume air then. I

I could assume air then. I will see.

Material properties for steam

You can change the default material properties of air to steam too.

I'm a bit in doubt on how to

I'm a bit in doubt on how to do that because of the steam going from high pressure (50 bar/300deg) to atmospheric. The properties will change of course.

I thought of usig the air + water properties as a basis. I'm not sure if this will cover the problem.

Air + water substance is for free-surface simulations

The air + water substance assumes discrete phases for free-surface (VOF) simulations, i.e., no transfer (phase change) between them.

If you are expecting widely varying steam properties (due to pressure and temperature) then Caedium can not help you. Caedium's compressible solver assumes an ideal gas or similar, e.g., air.