Keyboard shortcuts for view orientation

When making 3D geometry it is nice to go directly to views parallel to X, Y or Z axis to verify that the position is correct. I do this very often in my 3D CAD software. I use these six shortcuts all the time to select the X, Y or Z axes and the direction plus a FIT ALL IN VIEW:

CTRL+T = Top view
CTRL+B = Bottom view
CTRL+L = Left view
CTRL+R = Right view
CTRL+F = Front View
CTRL+K = Back view

These shortcuts are also much used:

CTRL+I = Isometric View
Alt+F5 = Previous View

If you add at least some of these shortcuts, Caedium would be easier and faster when making geometry.

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Caedium has View shortcuts since v5

Caedium has the 3D View shortcuts you mentioned.