Keyboard shortcuts for view orientation

When making 3D geometry it is nice to go directly to views parallel to X, Y or Z axis to verify that the position is correct. I do this very often in my 3D CAD software. I use these six shortcuts all the time to select the X, Y or Z axes and the direction plus a FIT ALL IN VIEW:

CTRL+T = Top view
CTRL+B = Bottom view
CTRL+L = Left view
CTRL+R = Right view
CTRL+F = Front View
CTRL+K = Back view

These shortcuts are also much used:

CTRL+I = Isometric View
Alt+F5 = Previous View

If you add at least some of these shortcuts, Caedium would be easier and faster when making geometry.

Caedium has View shortcuts since v5

Caedium has the 3D View shortcuts you mentioned.