Unknown Error in computing flow model for tutorial

I've just downloaded the 30 day trial version of the program. I am working my way through the tutorial to see if it will be applicable to our company's current project. I've been following along with the tutorials step-by-step but I keep getting an unknown error that prevents the flows from being computed in the model. The specific tutorial that I am speaking of is the "Incompressible Flow through a pipe into a box". I follow the tutorial steps along perfectly but the program will not calculate the flow of the air. The error states:

flow_volume [www.2060.5] RANS Flow: Failed
Unexpected process exit.
The system cannot find the path specified."

I have redone the tutorial to this point a number of times but I cannot find what may be causing this error. If someone could offer a suggestion as to what may be going on here it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Reset MPI preference

Assuming you are using the Windows version of Caedium try resetting your MPI preference according to the comment "MPI preference needs reset".

I've followed allow with the

I've followed allow with the comment that you directed me to and it unfortunately did not work. I've installed the windows versions of Caedium in its default location and the simulations will not run. Everything else seems to be fine except for running simulations, which is ultimately what I need this program for. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For reference, this is the error I am receiving:

flow_volume [www.1505.5] RANS Flow: Failed
Unexpected process exit.
The system cannot find the path specified.

I am working through the "Incompressible Flow through a Pipe into a box tutorial", which I cannot complete due to the aforementioned error.

What wrong is that the MPI

What wrong is that the MPI tab under the applications menu is greyed out preventing me from clicking it to reset it. I can't perform the suggested tip because of that problem.

Confirm MS MPI is installed

Make sure you have the latest version of Caedium.

Can you confirm that the file:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2012\Bin\mpiexec.exe"

If not you need to reinstall Caedium (you don't need to uninstall) and make sure the MS MPI option is enabled (the default) in the Caedium installer. For more on the Windows installation process see the FAQ "What is the Windows installation process?".

HPC pack 2012 does not exist

The file:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2012\Bin\mpiexec.exe"

does not exist on the work computer that I am currently using. I've download the HPC pack 2012 but it doesn't seem to be a simple "install and run" program. I cannot set it up correctly and there seems to be a large number of complications to be able to do so. Are there any other potential options to try that may get the Caedium to compute flows?

Did you try re-installing Caedium?

You don't need to install HPC pack 2012 separately.

The MS MPI install is part of the default Caedium installer. As long as you didn't change the default settings in the Caedium installer it should install without problems. Did you try re-installing Caedium (with MS MPI enabled) as I suggested? If so were there any errors reported?

I re-installed the program as

I re-installed the program as was requested and the same errors popped up. I went through the program files and the hpc pack 2012 is not under any Microsoft folder. I'm not sure why it isn't installing correctly as I am not changing any of the default settings. I'm unsure of what could be causing this error to continuously occur or why the HPC files will not install correctly?

Install HPC Pack 2012 MS-MPI Redistributable Package Directly

Note that the correct directory under Program Files is "Microsoft HPC Pack 2012" (single directory) not "Microsoft\HPC Pack 2012".

Try installing the HPC Pack 2012 MS-MPI Redistributable Package from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36045

If that does not succeed then my only other thought is that your virus protection might be blocking this install and you'll have to temporarily disable it and try again.