trouble with double sided faces

I have done the tutorial where we build a closed cylinder around the membrane.obj file and that all worked fine however when I try to do the same thing with another example I run into a failure.

I had created a long rectangular box with air to flow in one end and out the other. Floating in the middle of it is a flat plate at an angle.

I had created the outer box and plate in Rhino and saved it as a *.stp file. Once loaded into Caedium two volumes were found. (the box and the plate) I then subtract the plate from the box creating a single volume which worked. Then when I go to apply the 2 sided feature to the plate I am issued an error.

Failed: Create 2 sided geometry

Is there something I have to do to the plate before I can assign it a two sided condition?



Subtract the original pseudo volume attached to the face

Make sure you:

  1. Enable the Topology Only property under the Booleans->Subtract tool
  2. Selected the Face (membrane) not the pseudo Volume (this face shouldn't strictly be a volume as it doesn't enclose a volume) as the final operand in the Subtract operation
  3. Delete the original pseudo volume attached to the face - the face will remain as it is still part of the new volume

Then perform the Faces->2 Sided operation.