Importing a STEP File

I installed Caedium 5.1.3 64-bit last week. I am trying to import a STEP file and am not able to do so. None of the menus give me this option. I was able to open step files in an earlier version. What am I doing wrong?


Select File-Import

I'll assume you have successfully activated a Caedium Professional license - to check select the Help Toolbar and click the About icon, there you should see the license name and expiry date.

Your STEP file must have the .stp file extension.

To import your geometry in Caedium:

  1. Select the File Toolbar and click the Import button - the icon is a green arrow pointing to the right
  2. Select the STEP file (.stp) in the file import dialog

You can also drag and drop a STEP file onto the Caedium view window from the standard system file manager (browser).


Dear Symscape,

Thank you. This solved the problem.