Geometry Pallet doesnt work

I use the free trials for Proffesional, and it's only me second day. The Geometry pallet doesn't add any shape when I use it! I followed the tutorials and nothing happened. I tried changing transparency and color, still nothing.

geometry pallet doesn't open after activation

I also use the free trial for the first day now. After the activation with the product-key the pallet "Physics" and "results" changed and show me different options.But in the geometry windows there stays this general text with website-links etc. What did I do wrong?

Need to activate Professional or Builder trials

The RANS Flow add-on does not have geometry creation capabilities. You need to activate either the Professional or Builder add-on trials.

I use the free trials for

I use the free trials for Proffesional, and its my first day. I activated the product. i got geometry window, but after double clicking or dragging and dropping, nothing builds my geometry. I use Mac Book Pro, with Mavericks os. Please help me asap.

Reset View Window focus

Try resetting the focus on the View Window:

  1. Select the Start tab
  2. Select the View - sim tab

Use latest version of Caedium

Make sure you are using the latest version of Caedium, it should be 5.2.0. If not download and install it.

Is there a View Window?

I'll presume you have successfully activated a Caedium license according to "What is product activation?".

Do you have a active View Window rather than the Start-up web page in Caedium?

Rather than Drag and Drop tools from the Geometry Tool Palette, make sure the View Window is active and double-left-click on a tool, e.g., Volumes->Box. Does this create geometry in your View Window?

If you are still having problems please share a screenshot using Dropbox or something similar so I can take a look. Use our Contact form to share the file's location.

Also what version of Caedium are you using (Help->About) and on what platform (e.g., Windows 7, 64-bit)?