Geometry Pallet doesnt work

I use the free trials for Proffesional, and it's only me second day. The Geometry pallet doesn't add any shape when I use it! I followed the tutorials and nothing happened. I tried changing transparency and color, still nothing.

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Is there a View Window?

I'll presume you have successfully activated a Caedium license according to "What is product activation?".

Do you have a active View Window rather than the Start-up web page in Caedium?

Rather than Drag and Drop tools from the Geometry Tool Palette, make sure the View Window is active and double-left-click on a tool, e.g., Volumes->Box. Does this create geometry in your View Window?

If you are still having problems please share a screenshot using Dropbox or something similar so I can take a look. Use our Contact form to share the file's location.

Also what version of Caedium are you using (Help->About) and on what platform (e.g., Windows 7, 64-bit)?

I use the free trials for

I use the free trials for Proffesional, and its my first day. I activated the product. i got geometry window, but after double clicking or dragging and dropping, nothing builds my geometry. I use Mac Book Pro, with Mavericks os. Please help me asap.

Reset View Window focus

Try resetting the focus on the View Window:

  1. Select the Start tab
  2. Select the View - sim tab

Use latest version of Caedium

Make sure you are using the latest version of Caedium, it should be 5.2.0. If not download and install it.

geometry pallet doesn't open after activation

I also use the free trial for the first day now. After the activation with the product-key the pallet "Physics" and "results" changed and show me different options.But in the geometry windows there stays this general text with website-links etc. What did I do wrong?

Need to activate Professional or Builder trials

The RANS Flow add-on does not have geometry creation capabilities. You need to activate either the Professional or Builder add-on trials.