Problem with import step, iges.


I'm using trial version of Caedium 5.1.3 - 64 bit. I have a problem with import of any geometry made in Catia V5R18 or SolidWorks 2012. I would like to make my own flow around ahmed body simulation. I tried to make a flow volume using caedium builder, but i can't substract half of ahmed's body from whole volume to make it right for a simulation. I used Catia and SolidWorks instead, but everytime i try to import geometry to caedium (using step or iges) i'm getting this error:

Failed: Import Geometry
Failed to read file

This is really a simple case and i can't understand where the problem is.

Thank you for really fast

Thank you for really fast reply. I solved problem with geometry import. My files where stored on system partition (i'm using Win7 64 bit) and program could not read them even with admin rights. I simply copied all my files to another partition and everything works fine.

Avoid coincident geometry for Booleans

For reliable Booleans in Caedium you need to make sure that there is no coincident geometry between the operands. In your case you need to make sure the symmetry plane is not coincident with the plane defining your half model, if you haven't already.

Possible Localization Import Bug

If you are using a non-English version of Caedium you might be seeing a known bug, which has a workaround: "Failure importing step".

If not, then please share your STEP and IGES files using a file sharing system (e.g., Dropbox), so I can try to diagnose the problem. Once you've uploaded the files please use our Contact form to pass on the location.