Caedium crashing when I run a cfd simulation

I am studying the aerodynamycs of a small car model but when I try to run the simulation, the system freezes and says "not responding" then various error messages tell me that there is an "unknown problem", what is wrong and how can I fix it?

Quantum racing

Not a crash?

You'll see the 'not responding' message in the Caedium title-bar occasionally if a task is taking a while to complete - it's nothing to worry about, just wait until it completes. Can you copy and paste the exact error messages you are seeing?

What system (Windows 64-bit?) and version of Caedium (v5.1.3?) are you using?

Have you created a single volume? I.e., have you subtracted your car from a larger outer box?

Are you sure your geometry is good? Have you tried working through the diagnostics suggested at "How do I fix mesh and solver failures?".

If you want me to take a look please upload your simulation to Dropbox (or similar file sharing service) and use the Contact form to share the link.