Hi, Im currently participating in the F1 in Schools Competition and in March my team and I are attending the National Finals. I have been using Caedium Professional to test our car, and I have successfully completed the 'Flow over a CO2 Dragster' Tutorial but I have been wanting to show streamlines flowing over the car. I have used the streamline tutorial but I have had no success. I was wondering if anyone could provide me detailed instructions as how to show streamlines flowing over the car.

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Create seed face, reduce Particles-Increment

As in the tutorial "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box" create a face upstream of your car and use it as a source for your streamlines, with the flow volume as its target. Then follow the recommendation in the tip "Particles or Streamlines" to reduce the Particles->Increment until you see smooth streamlines. Note the particles properties are displayed under the seed face's View properties. You control the number of streamlines from your source face by using the Accuracy tool.

Thanks, it works now.

Thanks, it works now.