I'm using trial version of Caedium Pro on Windows 7 64 and I have little problem with geometry of my model. I'd like to model an 8-prism and a set of octagonal pyramids. How should I do that?

I've tried to import model from Autocad via .igs, but Caedium says "Error: / Failed: Import Geometry / Failed to read file: 'path to file'". I've tried also .stl, but when I tried subtract my geometry from a box I'ce received another error: "Error: / Failed: Create Subtract Geometry Operation requires native geometry".
My cad software can export also to .sat files, but Caedium doesn't give me option to import this. On you posted that its one of best format to exchange geometry, but I can't use it.

I know already how to draw 8-prism in Caedium (two boxes, one rotated by 45 deg and then united), but I don't have idea how to draw octagonal pyramids.
Here is a draw from a cad software with my model:

IGES should work though STEP is better

The best exchange format that Caedium supports is STEP (.stp). However, IGES (.igs) should also work fine. Maybe there's a problem with the path and file name - make sure the path and file name are in ASCII and that the file permissions allow you to read it. After importing IGES you will likely need to use the Volume->Stitch tool to create a volume for your subsequent Boolean operation.

If the IGES file still doesn't import then please share the file and then use our Contact form to provide a link, so I can try to diagnose the problem.

Problem solved

Thank you! Problem was with non-ASCII character in path to the .igs file. After I've copied a file Caedium imported it without any problems. Volume->Stitch also works well as you wrote. Thank you again.