leading Edge Vortices

I would like to model the leading edge vortices around a maple seed. Can u please share the step by step procedure of doing it? Thanks

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Why do think CFD can help you?

What results do you want to see from your simulation?

A spinning maple seed simulation requires a Moving Reference Frame (MRF), to get an idea of how a MRF works see the tutorial "Rotating Paddle using Moving Reference Frame".

If you are not familiar with CFD then I suggest you start with some basic tutorials to see how to configure geometry, physics, and results, e.g., "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box".


Thank you for your reply. I need to visualize the leading edge vortices on a rotating and falling maple seed and study the effect of different parameters like changes in shape of the maple seed, effect of roundness of the leading edge, etc on the formation of the leading edge vortices. The simulations I ran fail to show the the leading edge vortices. I have used cylindrical mesh around the seed and it is enclosed in another bigger cylindrical domain mesh in reference to whom the smaller mesh is given a spin. Can u tell me if this method is fine or I should use some other method?

Sharp leading edge for leading edge vortices

Assuming you have successfully created a multi-volume flow-domain, with all co-located faces connected, and you applied Conditions->Angular Velocity to the inner volume then your geometry and physics setup should be fine.

Next you need to set the upward velocity and the angular velocity correctly and with realistic values. It might be that for a particular configuration there won't be a leading edge separation. The sharper (or higher the curvature) the leading edge the more likely there will be a separation resulting in a leading edge vortex.

I can take a look at your simulation if you can share it using a file download service, e.g., Dropbox, and share the link using our Contact form. I expect to see a Residual Monitor so I can judge the level of convergence in your simulation, otherwise I can't help you.

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