When I create a new substance it is shown in Physics/Substances however after I save the file and re-open the it the new substance is not listed under Substances. How do I save and keep a new substance that I create?

Use a script to record new substance creation

News substances are not saved. To recreate a substance:

  1. Toggle File->Record (script) and supply a script name to start recording a script
  2. Create the new substance
  3. Toggle File->Record to stop the recording
  4. File->Play to play the script to recreate the substance

If you are on Windows you need to have installed Python and set the File->Preference, Application->Python property to the location of the python executable, e.g., D:\Python33\python.

If you want to have the script run on startup for each Caedium session then set the preference Application->Python->Startup Script to your script name with the full path. Make sure the script works correctly otherwise Caedium will not initialize correctly.



Will the new update contain a way for substances to be automatically saved once created?

When will the next update come out?


Did you try the script approach?

Did you not have success using the Python script?

I don't yet have an estimate for the next Caedium release.