Geometry not loading

I have downloaded and activated a trial version. I can't load any geometry in any format .stl,.vrml....ect. Also will not generate any geometry from the native geometry editor. Any help would be appreciated

i believe it was Caedium

i believe it was Caedium Professional but im suspecting thats not the case. the Exchange add on is needed to import geometry. but it also can not generate geometry using the native editor so thats inconsistent with just missing the Exchange add on and the error is exactly the same "unknown error" from both.

License expired

I just checked our records and it was a Caedium Professional trial license you activated. However, it has expired.

The Exchange add-on is included in the Professional add-on, along with all the other Caedium add-ons.

I'm checking on this for Ted

I'm checking on this for Ted Christopher Ted Christopher . it ran fine on my computer at home. I suggested it for the work we are doing but its not working on our computer in the office. I could not get him to understand how to get in the forums for support so I'm doing it for him.

Try re-installing Caedium

I see. I'd like to think at some point your evaluation of Caedium will end and you'll purchase a subscription for production work.

I presume Ted's computer is 64-bit Windows (7, or 8.*). Also I presume Ted's computer has an internet connection for activation. I suggest you uninstall and re-install Caedium (as the same user who will be running Caedium with admin privileges) from our Downloads (select the 64-bit installer) according to the FAQ "What is the Windows installation process?". Make sure the MPI and Professional options are selected during the install. Then you'll need to re-activate using Ted's original activation license.

First try creating geometry from within Caedium without trying to import anything, maybe the import is failing and corrupting all the subsequent operations. The best import format is STEP (.stp), which usually retains topology and geometry definition better than faceted formats, such as STL.


[Edit: email removed] is the address the licensee. we may not have gotten the full set of plugins, we were discussing what we would and would not need to save some money. that may have been the problem. how can i tell if its the full set or not? or if its just not working on the computer in the office. my trial was and older version as my 4x5150 Xeon can only be updated to OS-X 10.6.8 the computer in the office is a brand new 12xXeon running Mavericks. I did get around the gatekeeper problem just fine.

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What trial have you activated?

What trial version have you activated?

For more on activation see "What is product activation?".

If you want to import and create geometry for your simulations I suggest you request a Caeduim Professional Trial, according to "What is a free trial?".

Once you activate a Professional trial all the Caedium tool palettes will be fully populated.