Mixture of Two Gases

I would like to monitor the effects of dillusion over time of an initial mixture of two gases in a volume with an influx of a different dillusion of the same two gases entering the volume.

Can I simply create a new substance that is a "gas and liquid" substance and make the qualities of the "liquid" to the qualities of the second "gas"?


VOF can't model two gases

The short answer is no.

The Volume Of Fluid (VOF) approach in Caedium is limited to immiscible fluids, such as air and water, where there is a clear interface between the fluids. VOF is not viable for two gases. It can be used for oil and water, both liquids. However, it can't be used for milk and water due to the lack of an interface between them.

mixing of two gases

Thanks, perhaps some day?

Passive Species Transport

As a partial solution we will be offering passive species convection and diffusion. For more detail see "Caedium CFD Sneak Peek: Passive Species Transport".

A passive species has identical physical properties to the working fluid, e.g., density, viscosity. If this assumption is not accurate enough then you require multi-species simulations. Typically multi-species is a requirement for combustion simulations. Currently I don't have a schedule for multi-species.

Is this Passive Species

Is this Passive Species Transport still in the works? When do you think the next update is coming out?


Yes to Passive Species Transport, No to release date

Passive species transport will definitely be in the next release. However, I still don't have a release schedule due to other developments taking longer than I anticipated.

Passive Species Transport

I am experimenting with clean room design where .5 micron particles of dust are floating in the air and generated by people in the room.

I need to track concentrations of these particles while clean air flows in from room surfaces and flows leave the room in other locations.

I think the passive species concept will work for this analysis.

I can have a certain particle rate leave the occupants in to the room environment while other flows come and go.

When do you think passivie species will be coming out?


First order approximation

I think the passive species approach would provide a first order approximation for this type of application.

I still don't have a release date for the passive species capability being available in Caedium.

First order approximation


Thanks for the update. I look forward to your next release.