The effects of airflow on droplet trajectory

I'm looking to model a windshield washer spray. The idea is to have a droplet leaving a nozzle aimed at a windshield, and then investigate how airflow affects where it strikes the windshield. A two dimensional model would be ok since I'm mostly interested in the height at which the droplet strikes the windshield plane.

Would this be something Caedium is capable of modelling?

Droplet Simulation in Caedium

Yes, Caedium can simulate water droplets/stream hitting a windshield using the Volume Of Fluid (VOF) approach. Such simulations are quite advanced and unless you are already familiar with CFD you will require expert support. Paid Caedium Professional subscriptions include one-on-one support in whatever format you prefer, e.g., phone, webinar, email.

Assuming you have a trial version of Caedium Professional I suggest you try the tutorial "Transient Water and Air Flow in a Tank".