Streamline question

What can cause streamlines to be coincident with a face to which they should be normal?

I have an inlet that also serves as a particle seed face. However, when I run the simulation, the streamlines do not emanate from the inlet/seed face in a normal orientation. Instead of coming away from it, they look like they are embedded within the plane of the inlet/seed face. They do not extend beyond the edges of the inlet face. I have checked to make sure that the properties for the face deem it an inlet for which flow is "surface normal." (If it is relevant, the initial flow volume fluid velocity is zero along each simulation axis.)
What causes this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Decrease Particles Increment (time step)

Assuming your simulation is setup correctly, most likely your Particles->Increment (time step) needs to be smaller. Keep decreasing the default value by a factor of 10 until the streamlines appear smooth. For more details see "Particles or Streamlines".

A quick test to see the inlet velocity is to drag and drop Vector Fields->U (velocity) on to your inlet face and select Arrows in the popup menu. You may also need to adjust the scale. In the View Legend, left-click on the title Arrows, then in the Properties Panel keep reducing the Scale by a factor of 10 until the arrow lengths are reasonable.


That was an easy fix. The simulation is in progress. Thanks very much for your prompt response!