Cyclic condition for a 3-bladed ceiling fan?

I am trying to do a CFD analysis of a 3 bladed ceiling fan. The symmetry angle is 120 degrees but as explained in the Rotating Paddle tutorial two faces (Source and Target) are required to apply that condition. My model does not have faces that way but it has edges in that fashion. Can I select edges for faces, is it right? (Even if it is possible).

Model is complete (Not half or one third)

More over the model i have is complete it is not a 1/3 model of the original. So is applying cyclic condition valid in that case?

Has to have cyclic symmetry

The cyclic boundary condition can only be applied to a model with cyclic symmetry irrespective of the angle. If your 120 degree slice does not have cyclic symmetry with the remaining 2x120 degree slices then you will have to model the entire geometry