Odd error message

Hello. In working on a simulation, when I attempted to run it, I got the following error message.

Flow Volume [www.1702.5] RANS Flow: Failed
Unexpected process exit.

Expected a ')' while reading binaryBlock, found on line 14 an error

file: /var/folders/h6/bzd4q02j6r1fgrgt2v59hp8c0000gn/T/of-2ac52329B2ac514174/constant/polyMesh/points at line 14.

From function Istream::readEnd(const char*)
in file db/IOstreams/IOstreams/Istream.C at line 111.

FOAM exiting"

I subsequently deleted the substance, then reassigned it again to force a full re-mesh, but I got the same message about an error on line 14.
What does it mean? What causes this sort of error message? How can I fix/prevent it?
If it is relevant, my lowest mesh E ratio value is ~ 0.3 and my lowest Vol ratio value is ~ 0.06.

Thanks very much for any help.

Known bug

We have found a bug that is caused by using the Substance->Solver->Dual Mesh option in combination with Physics:Inlet->Type = Flow Rate. I think this error is what you are seeing. This will be fixed in the next version of Caedium. In the mean time you can either specify the speed normal to the inlet rather than the flow rate, or switch off the dual mesh option.