Simulation doesn't start, no error messages


I often have the problem that the simulation won't start: nothing happens on the residuals monitor and the velocity field remains at its initial value. No error messages appear in the log. I have this problem for example with the pipe in a box example (I reset the simulation and press play but nothing happens). I also made a box with circular inlet and a face as outlet. This has the same problem unless I set the accuracy very low (e.g. 3) then the simulation runs normally. What could be the cause of this?

Thanks in advance

Review how to use Stop and Lock controls

Could it be you interrupted the simulation using Home->Stop and didn't toggle it back to the resume state afterwards?

Or did you unlock the simulation using Home->Unlock and didn't toggle it back to the locked state?

For more details see "Run, Stop, and Lock Controls".

Not unlocked or interrupted

Thank you for the quick response.
I did not unlock or stop the simulation. After I open the pipe in a box example (downloaded from this site), I press "start", then "run", the loader in the right bottom corner of the screen loads, then disappears and in the left bottom corner it says "ready", but nothing has happened to the residuals monitor or the velocity field. Then I can again press start and run and the same happens.

Log warnings or errors

Did you notice any warnings or errors in the File->Log?

Nothing in the log

There are no warnings/errors in the log. The only thing in the log is "loading begin:modules... loading end:modules..." etc.

Running latest version of Caedium?

Are you running the latest version of Caedium from "Caedium Product Downloads"?

Have you successfully activated the Professional add-on? Check using Help->About.

Latest version

I am running Caedium 5.2.0 64-bit and using the 30 day trial of the Professional add-on, the license is active. I also tried reinstalling Caedium, but there was no change.

Works on a different laptop

I did the exact same thing, but with another laptop and the simulation runs. Very strange...

Low on disk space?

Could your original laptop be low on disk space? That might explain why a low accuracy simulation ran.

Enough disk space

There should be more than enough disk space. I am using HP Envy dv6 Intel Core i7, Windows 8.1, 64-bit.

Firewall or virus protection blocking parallel solver process

Maybe your system (firewall/virus protection) is blocking the parallel (MS MPI) solver processes. To use just a single process try:

  1. Click File->Preferences
  2. In the Properties Panel (bottom left) set Physics>OpenFOAM->Parallel:Shared Memory->Processes = 1
  3. Load and run your simulation

This would also explain why the low accuracy simulation ran - it was most likely only using 1 process.


That was indeed the problem it seems. Now the simulation runs normally. Thank you very much for helping me solve this problem.