internal fan

Hello Friends!

How do I make and internal fan in a volume of air. Actually several internal fans.
I checked and there is no internal fan condition only fan. I downloaded the latest demo and installed it and nothing. Hmmm. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

So basically what I want to do just to see the available options and capability to have internal fans in a box. That is simple enough. I imagine this must be done by adding planes to the model and use the internal fan condition, but only fan is available. So the air must stay inside the volume and circulate. Later I plan to add heating to it, therefore the whole system have to be completely internal. As a possibility maybe some losses would be great through the main container. is film coefficient or something like that is available?


Internal fan

Internal fans are an advanced feature. Purchase a Caedium Professional subscription and I can provide one-on-one support.

Caedium does not currently support film cooling.