Snow drift over a roof

I have two question.

Is it possible to import non-native geometry (lets say an *.obj) and then perform flow simulation without re-meshing the surfaces. It is very important for me to keep the original triangulation of the geometry.

Is it possible to simulate the snow drift over lets say a roof of a building. Is it possible to combine the flow simulation with simulation of particles and see how they drift along the surface? Some cfd solutions can perform such a task. Can Caedium do it too?

Thank you in advance.

Exchange geometry and streamlines

In answer to your questions:

1) Yes, Caedium Professional and Exchange add-ons can import a variety of geometry formats, including OBJ. In the case of OBJ (or other faceted formats, e.g,. STL) Caedium manipulates the geometry (the triangulation) to make a viable solid model and therefore can not retain the original triangulation. Your best option with these constraints is to export the new triangulation with your results as described in the tutorial for ixCube 4-10.

2) You can simulate massless particles, known as streamlines in Caedium. Currently you can not simulate particles with mass.