The Physics, Type, p/rho, Fan Curve option shows

5 ( (5 100) (10 400) (20 600) (30 400) (40 50) )

This I assume notes that there are 5 points then lists Volume Flow Rate then Pressure for each point, correct.

p0 is the pressure at zero flow?

I am confused about the units. When I open these files up in various units the values stay the same without being converted as is normal for other fields.

I applied this very fan to a small box 1' x 1'x 4' long.

Fan Curve 5 ( (5 100) (10 400) (20 600) (30 400) (40 50) )
p Reference
p0 2.08854 lbf/ft^2

The results of this model gives a total flow rate of 3,789 ft^3/min at a differential pressure of 0.364 lbf/ft^2

I have tried to use these values in the standard SI units model of m-kg-s but could not solve it.


Fan specification

Yes, your description of the format is correct.

From the tool tip:
"Specification: n ((v0 deltap0)...(vn deltapn)), where n = number of points, v = volume flow rate (m3/s), deltap = pressure drop / rho (m2/s2)"

This specification has to be in SI units as described. Note that the pressure (N/m2) has to be divided by rho (density kg/m3) for each point.

p0 is the total pressure (units will be converted as normal), equivalent to pressure at zero flow, as you said.