Time Variant Flow Setup

I am trying to set up a time variant flow at a face but it is not clear to me how set up the values in the parentheses. For example, I am using units of minutes and feet. I want to set up the flow to be zero for 15 seconds then have a vertical flow rate of 250 ft/min after 15 seconds.

Are the units that are used in this field the same as my IP units?

How do I structure the input?


Run a transient simulation with fixed inlet flow rate?

The units are SI for tabulated data, so the vector has to be m/s. From the Tooltip the description of the format is:

Time dependent vector. E.g., table ( (0.5 (5 0 0)) (1 (10 0 0)) ) - (time, (vector))

This type of boundary condition is not intended to act as a valve (i.e., off/on). The idea is that the flow rate varies with time, without being zero. Instead can you start the simulation with 250 ft/min (i.e., at 15s) as an inlet flow rate and then run the simulation in transient mode?