Setup of Transient Time Values

I am having trouble understanding the set up of the Simulation's "Duration" and "Increment" values and the Volume's "Time Step" and "Iterations" values.

I have read through the transient example several times but I am yet confused.

Can you define each of these four items and how they relate? I noticed in examples the Simulation's Increment value is not defined.

This is important since I need to get critical data from a transient models final values and when they happened. Right now I am not sure of the time it ends.



Solver time and Simulation time

The most important parameters are Substance->Solver->Iterations (e.g., 100), Control->Time Step (e.g., 1e-6). Each simulation update will happen at solver time = Iterations x Time Step (e.g., 100 x 1e-6 = 1e-4).

Simulation updates are governed by Simulation->Time->Duration (e.g., 5), Increment (e.g., 1). The number of simulation updates = Duration / Increment (e.g., 5 / 1 = 5). The units (time) are not relevant, it is just a means to control the number of updates.

Monitors plot against simulation updates, so to make them more meaningful for transient simulations, you should make Simulation->Time->Increment = Substance->Solver->Iterations x Substance->Solver->Control->Time Step (e.g., 1e-4), and then for Simulation->Time->Duration = Required updates x Increment (e.g., for 5 updates, 5 x 1e-4 = 5e-4).