Importing faces that are not put into volumes

I would like to import faces without them being put in volumes. With this I can collect them in order and group them later once I combine them all into one volume.

Or, if I import them as a volume how can I break them from the volume?


Ignore the original volumes

Group the faces as you require and ignore the original volume(s). Once you combine them to form a new water tight volume the original volumes will be deleted, assuming you are not using the Boolean 'Topology Only' option.

If you are using the 'Topology Only' option then after you've created the new volume you can explicitly delete the original volumes and the faces will remain as part of the new volume.

Still Challenged

I have many volumes that I have imported. As I imported the multiple *.stp files I grouped the new items together.

Once that was complete I used Stitch to combine them with none of the option boxes checked. I tried to selecting the selection of faces and a single volume was created however the faces were out of order. I then backed up tried Stitch again and then selected the groups. Once again it created a single volume and the faces were out of order.

What am I missing?



What do you mean by 'out of order'?

I am not sure what you mean by 'out of order'. If it helps the face naming (numbering) is based on location, not the order you selected them in prior to creating a new volume.

face numbering

OK, I agree it seems to number the faces by location and not by and pre-organized fashion. I have a rather complicated model that I need to assign different qualities to faces that are near each other and taking the entire model and selecting and grouping each face is going to take many hours.

I was hoping there was a way that I can create a volume and force the order of the faces into ranges of names that I can easily select and "group".

Any thoughts on that?


Try multi-volume flow-volume

You could split up your flow volume into sub-volumes that match your face groups. Then as a final step you would need to use Faces->Connect to couple the internal flow faces.