Question about fan inlet and fan outlet with compressible flow

I have a simulation involving subsonic compressible flow and a fan inlet as well as a fan outlet.
How can I use both compressible flow and a fan inlet and fan outlet?

When I changed the simulation from incompressible flow to compressible flow, the option for fan inlet/outlets disappeared from the inlet/outlet properties menu.
Picture a turbofan engine on a jet cruising at a steady velocity. The air being forced into the engine intake at a point at the very front is at one speed (and pressure), but the air at a point behind the first compressor fan is at another velocity and pressure. The flow is already compressible at jet speeds, and yet the fan is also adding pressure and resistance to the air flow. I am trying to model a fan in the wall of a box blowing air through closely spaced louvers in another wall of that box that obstruct much of the fan airflow.

Does the compressible flow solver somehow negate the need for implementing a fan curve at compressible flow velocities? Currently, I am using a normal inlet of fixed velocity, but it is not a ram air situation where the air will flow in at that speed no matter what, because of the presence of resistance; the fan MAY blow past the restricting louvers in its wake at its rated capacity, but likely not, due to pressure that will exceed its compression abilities. That is what I am trying to determine.

What do you suggest? Thank you for your time and help.

Compressible fan curve not supported

Compressible fan inlets/outlets are not supported in Caedium. I'm not sure a compressible flow provides a viable condition for a fan curve.

If you can extend or reduce your flow domain to avoid specifying unknown conditions that may be a viable alternative.

Thank you

Thank you.