Problems with import of Solid Edge file into Caedium

We are a F1 in schools team and have not worked with Caedium before. We wanted to assess several models we have created in solid edge. We understand, that we should either use the format type .igs or .step. We believe we have created these files in solid edge, but when trying to import them into Caedium we always fail. Can anybody help us - what are we doing wrong? Many thanks in advance!

Import error message

Is there an error message during import and if so what is it?

The preferred import format is STEP (.stp).

yes, there is an error

yes, there is an error message. in German it says the following:

Lesen der Datei fehlgeschlagen
Fehler: fehlgeschlagene Geometrie importieren
Lesen der Datei fehlgeschlagen

I would translate this as:
reading of file failed
error: failed geometry import

I was also wondering whether it is needed to define any specific options when saving. So fare we have just used "save as" and the required format (either .igs or .step). The error message is the same in both cases.

in the export log it can be seen that the following are disabled:
construction sheet
construction volume
construction wire
only export shown parts
name of part components export as unicode

we also tried to use a very simple form/shape (to avoid any issues with a complicated geometry, any need to merge etc) and saved it as .step,, the result was the same error message

Import back into Solidedge

If you import the file back into Solidedge do you see your geometry?

Ensure the export file name is ASCII text without any punctuation.