Caedium Version 6.0.0 Release Notes

The latest Caedium release has a mix of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The highlights of this release are a new conjugate heat transfer (simultaneous fluid and solid heat transfer) capability, a new passive scalar transport solver, and major updates to all the Caedium subsystems: Open Cascade, VTK, wxWidgets, and OpenFOAM®.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Improve your heat transfer predictions with conjugate heat transfer that solves for heat transfer between fluids and solids simultaneously [RANS Flow]
  • Track passive fluids (e.g., smoke) released into a dominant flow with a passive scalar transport capability [RANS Flow]
  • Save and restore custom/modified Substances [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Provide a fan curve to control a cyclic fan boundary condition [RANS Flow]
  • Improve your plots with anti-alias (smooth) lines
  • Easily identify what tools apply to what entities with new entity-based grouping in the Physics Tool Palette
  • New link geometry tool to couple cyclics and shared boundaries [Builder]

Bug Fixes

  • Deprecated cluster and cloud parallel options [RANS Flow]
  • Deprecated Twitpic telemetry
  • If core libs fail to load caused a crash
  • Modifying finish parameters caused a crash
  • PNG transparency now handled during export
  • Exported 3D images sometimes resulted in fuzzy lines
  • Exported dual mesh was missing interpolated data [RANS Flow]
  • Dual mesh renumbering was corrupt causing restarts with corrupt initial data [RANS Flow]
  • Simulation reset after dual mesh export missed interpolated zero time [RANS Flow]
  • Dual mesh couldn't map U to original mesh [RANS Flow]
  • Residual plot was corrupt if created midway through a simulation [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Fan baffle not responding to reverse option [RANS Flow]
  • Select dialog didn't always block selection on Mac
  • Color Map threshold slider didn't repaint when dragged on Mac
  • 3D mouse zoom didn't work in parallel projection
  • Parallel zoom didn't set focal point under mouse selection
  • Refresh imported image wasn't working
  • Import STL binary caused crash [Exchange]
  • STL ASCII import failed for multiple solids [Exchange]
  • STL import of multiple files failed [Exchange]
  • Certain project files caused Caedium viewer to crash
  • Invalid project file caused by corrupt camera view vector
  • Report error if runtime license couldn't be installed
  • Long duration scripts caused Caedium to hang
  • Wrong selection for a tool in a script caused a crash
  • Script didn't account for explicit substance selection
  • Restored derived interpolated data caused a crash
  • Plots could save NAN range when pan/zoom
  • Couldn't use faces as a target for a volume source with accuracy tool
  • CSV now written as displayed units instead of SI units

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