Unable to surface-mesh only?

I recently started using Caedium on a Windows computer, as well as on a Mac. Both computers have Caedium 6.0.0 on them. Previous to updating to Caedium 6.0.0 (when I was only using it on a Mac), I was always able to check surface meshes without meshing the entire flow volume; I usually specified the "E ratio" option and got a surface mesh fairly quickly. More recently I have noticed that Caedium meshes the entire volume even when I specify only a surface mesh result. This is now happening on both my Mac and my Windows computers and can take quite a bit of time. Is there a setting or something I can do so that Caedium doesn't mesh the entire volume when I am only selecting a surface mesh option?
Thanks for your help.

Confirmed bug

I can confirm that this is a bug, which we are working to fix. Currently we do not have a work around.

Bug fixed in Caedium 6.0.1

We have fixed this problem in Windows only. If you check for updates in Caedium using Help->Update you will be prompted to install the new version 6.0.1. Thanks for reporting this problem.

That is excellent news. Thank

That is excellent news.
Thank you very much!