Exchange Add-on Module Loading Error

The current version of Caedium (1.0.9) has a problem if only the Caedium Exchange add-on is installed and then activated.

During Caedium startup you are likely to see:

Failed to load shared library '<installation directory>/Caedium/modules/occigesexport.dll' (error 126: the specified module could not be found.)
Load failed:<installation directory>/Caedium/modules/occigesexport

As a workaround install the Builder add-on, which contains the missing module. There is no need to activate the Builder add-on.

To avoid the problem all together consider installing and activating our Professional add-on.

Fixed in Caedium v1.1.0

Our latest version of Caedium v1.1.0 doesn't suffer this problem and therefore doesn't require this workaround.