New Email Product Activation

After installing this update, Caedium will include a new product activation wizard with an option to activate via email. The slower (could take hours) email method was added to help users with restrictive firewalls that prevent them from using the faster (takes seconds) Internet-based activation. This update also installs the latest version of wxWidgets (our GUI framework) and fixes a problem where excessive mesh resolution was assigned to edges that had their end vertices close together.

Caedium will update the following modules:

  • anim v1.1.0
  • app v1.1.0
  • cstr v1.1.0
  • flextool v1.1.0
  • tool v1.1.0
  • vt v1.1.0
  • wp v1.1.0

You can update manually in Caedium using Help->Check for Updates, or wait for the automated announcement during Caedium start-up. If you have recently installed Caedium you won't need to update, but there is no harm in checking for updates anyway.