What is the Windows installation process?

Our software is available to download and install directly from the Internet. This method of distribution eliminates the cost of distributing software on CDs (e.g., postage and packaging). We pass these savings onto you, our customers, in the form of free trials and affordable subscriptions.

Our installation process for Microsoft Windows begins when you click the link to our Windows installer. Caedium can be installed from any browser, but the description that follows is for Internet Explorer 8.

Caedium requires administrator access to install.

After clicking the Windows installer link, you will see a File Download - Security Warning dialog, as shown below.

File Download Dialog

Click the Run button to download the setup executable. A file download progress dialog will appear.

Next, an Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog will appear, as shown below.

Run Dialog

Proceed with the installation only if Publisher: Symscape is displayed. This confirms that the installation file has our digital signature and has not been tampered with. Our products, identified by our digital signature, are free from spyware and malware.

Click the Run button.

If you are installing on Vista and the User Account Control is enabled (default setting for administrators), then expect a User Account Control dialog to appear. Click the Continue button.

A Setup Wizard will now begin as shown below.

Setup Wizard Start

Proceed through the standard wizard pages by using the Next button. When you reach the Select Components page (shown below), there is the option to install all the Caedium Add-ons (checked by default - includes the Professional add-on). Also there is an option to install Microsoft MPI (checked by default), which is necessary for parallel multi-core CFD simulations on a single computer. However, Microsoft MPI should not be installed on Microsoft Windows HPC Server, which has its own version of MPI by default.

Select Components

There is no restriction on installing the Professional add-on, but to access the add-on features within Caedium requires product activation. Proceed through the remaining wizard pages using the Next button.

Once you are happy with your settings click the Install button.

You will have the option to launch Caedium when you click the Finish button, as shown below.

Setup Wizard Finish


Failed to get Caedium Builder downloaded


It's all a bit too confusing. I get that there are three stages to running a simulation. I want to see laminer air flow around a cylinder for example. Your FAQ says I should be able to choose some pre defined geometries - am at a loss. There are no pre defined geometries in the first pane and repeated tries to download the builder just reloads what I have already?

I'm sure there is a large and diverse market of new users for this product. As an electronics and computer engineer for thirty five years I have never used a CAE simulator!! Also students and teachers could benefit.

Please make it a lot simpler to run something albeit simple, else most new users will give up and look for something else.


Michael Howe

You Need An Activation License

Sorry to hear you're having problems.

There is only a single download/installer for all the add-ons.

You need to get an Activation License to access Caedium add-on functionality. If you haven't already I'd suggest that you try a free 30 day trial license (link marked 'Free Trial' below the calendar icon in the box near the top of the page) of our Professional add-on.

If you specifically just want to use our Builder add-on (geometry creation) and Panel Flow add-on (inviscid fluid flow simulation) then visit the related product pages and follow the 'Free Trial' links - you need to activate both add-ons. The combined functionality (and more) from these add-ons is included in our Professional add-on.

If you are still having problems use our Contact page to fire us a question.

No add-ons

Hello. I have downloaded the professional package, but I don't have any preloaded geometries or physics controls. Is there an extra step to have access to these features?

You need a trial license

Please see the comment above about license activation.