dual line stunt kites

thinking about useing symlab for high wind stunt kite des. winds for 10 to 40 mph
need too move the model in sym and frabic sym
can i do this with the free version or what add on do i need

Need add-ons to create sym files

Welcome tpusa4life to the Caedium forum and thanks for your questions.

With our Caedium free viewer you can interact with existing sym files, but you cannot create geometry or simulate air flow.

To meet your requirements I think you'll need the following:

  • Builder add-on – to create your kite geometry
  • Transient add-on – to replicate the time-dependent motion (translation and rotation) of your stunt kite
  • Panel Flow add-on – to simulate the time-dependent air flow around your kite while performing its stunts

Note that our Professional add-on includes all the add-ons you'll need plus extra import and export capabilities.

We offer a 30 day free trial of all our add-ons, so I recommend trying the Professional add-on so you don't have to install and activate all the add-ons individually.

Feel free to post again if you have further questions.