AutopackageInstaller for Linux programs, used by Caedium and its add-ons.

For installation instructions see "What is the Linux installation Process."



Your installer uses autopackage, which is okay I suppose, but there doesn't seem to be a way for me to tell it where to install the package. I would prefer to be able to install it away from from the rest of my system (eg in my home or under /opt) so I know where to look to remove it completely and so it doesn't conflict with the package management.

I ran the installer and the first question I was asked is "Is it okay to download and install these additional files?" and the only honest answer is "If you don't let me pick where they will be installed, it most certainly is not."

I understand dealing with all of the various package management systems in Linux can be a chore, but if you are going to opt for autopackage, please allow users to decide where to install.

Linux Autopackage Can Install in HOME

If it's any help Autopackage can install itself and other packages (e.g., Caedium) in your $HOME/.local directory by skipping the root password dialog (by pressing the No Password button) displayed early in the installation process.

We use Autopackage because it does a good job of integrating Caedium into both the GNOME and KDE desktops. It ensures icons, file associations and menu entries are added to the desktop. Also in provides an easy means to uninstall Caedium.