Caedium v1.2.2 Update

Caedium v1.2.2 is now available - read more at "Caedium v1.2 Released for Linux and Windows". For existing Caedium users this update incorporates the following enhancements:

  • Multi-pane window layout manager that supports drag and drop of window tabs to arbitrary locations in the Caedium workspace
  • Additional 3D stereoscopic option supporting color anaglyphs (red-cyan glasses)
  • GUI bug fixes with a wxWidgets update
  • 3D visualization performance improvements and bug fixes with a VTK update
  • Caedium Builder
    • Primitive shape creation at multiple geometry centers
    • Translation alignment tool
    • More reliable Boolean operations (e.g., unite) with a bug fix in the Open Cascade geometry engine
  • Caedium Transient
    • Record avi movies from a sequence of transient geometry views or plots
  • Caedium Panel Flow
    • Enhanced geometry accuracy to control the simulation resolution on unconnected geometry within a simulation

If you have activated Caedium Professional then you will receive all the enhancements mentioned for the specific add-ons above.

This update will take Caedium to v1.2.2, which will update all modules.

You can update manually in Caedium using Help->Check for Updates, or wait for the automated announcement during Caedium start-up. If you have recently installed Caedium you won't need to update, but there is no harm in checking for updates anyway.