AQSISFree open source scanline Renderman clone.

Create Renderman files with Caedium Viz Export.

To automatically launch Aqsis to produce a image when you export a Renderman file ensure that:

  1. Aqsis is installed.
  2. The Renderman location preference in Caedium is correct by selecting File->Preferences and then in the Properties Panel select and set the Export->Renderman property to point to the Aqsis executable.
    • The Aqsis 1.6.0 default executable installation location on Windows Vista and Windows 7 is:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Aqsis\bin\aqsis
    • For parallel rendering on a cluster running Windows HPC Server 2008, first share the <aqsis-home> directory and then set the Renderman property to:
      job submit /jobname:aqsis /name:aqsis /numprocessors:1 <aqsis-home>\bin\aqsis
  3. [optional] To provide texture map support:
    • cd <tmp>
    • <aqsis-home>\bin\aqsl <caedium-home>\modules\vtrib\
    • copy|cp txtplastic.slx <asqis-home>\shaders\surface\.
  4. For Windows HPC Server 2008 and the Mac, replace every instance of the AQSISHOME variable in <aqsis-home>\bin\aqsisrc with the actual location, e.g., for Win HPC \\cray03\aqsis, and for Mac /Applications/