Caedium manual?

Do you have a Caedium manual or reference guide?

Has Anyone Prepared a Caedium Dictionary?

Has anyone prepared a Caedium dictionary? If so, are you willing to share it?

Although the Symscape web site has excellent information, it is somewhat difficult to access. A dictionary containing concise definitions of parameters would be very useful.

Tool tips displayed in the Caedium status bar

Tool tips (definitions) are displayed in the Caedium status bar (bottom left of the app window) if you select (left-click) most tools or properties.

No Tool Tips in Caedium 2.4.2 32-bit for Mac OS X

I don't see any tool tips in the Caedium status bar in the version of Caedium I am running (2.4.2 32-bit for Mac OS X). Am I missing something?

Mac OS X seems to display tooltips fine

Sorry, maybe it was misleading on my part to say most properties and tools have tooltips. A more accurate phrase would have been some.

I just checked the latest Mac OS X version and it seems fine.

For examples:

  • Try selecting tools on the Results Tool Palette and watch the status bar. E.g., Scalar Fields->Ma and the status bar will display Mach Number.
  • Some, not all properties in the Properties Panel have tooltips. E.g., On the Physics Tool Palette, select Substances->Air, then in the Properties Panel select the property Material->Cp and the status bar will display Specific Heat

Closest thing to a Manual

The closest thing we have to a manual is Essentials Manual within our Tutorials.

Be sure to review the entire hierarchy under Essentials Manual, especially Using Tools and Tips.

If there's something specific you want to know then this forum is a good place to ask a question and receive a timely answer.