Importing IGES files

Is there a limit on the size of IGES files that can be imported?

No IGES size limit

The only limitation on IGES file size is that imposed by the memory/swap limit on a system - up to a maximum of 2GB for 32bit applications, such as Caedium.

For any given imported file there will be an overhead within Caedium due to topology, geometry and visualization data.

Are you having problems with IGES import?

How do you import an iges?

How do you import an iges? I am only able to import a .brep, image file or .csv ... kinda frustrating with no tutorials on how to do this!

You Need To Activate a Caedium add-on

To access iges import you need to activate either Caedium Professional or Caedium Exchange add-ons. To obtain an activation license either purchase a subscription or request a free trial on the respective product page.