What's your favorite flow regime? (M = Mach No.)

Incompressible Subsonic (M < ~0.3)
37% (41 votes)
Compressible Subsonic (~0.3 < M < ~0.7)
15% (16 votes)
Transonic (~0.7 < M < ~1.2)
9% (10 votes)
Supersonic (M > 1)
14% (15 votes)
Hypersonic (M > ~5)
25% (28 votes)
Total votes: 110


I love compressible flow but

I love compressible flow but I'm writing a panel method code for my B.Sc project with FORTRAN...and I have some problems(in writting the code and also in the real world!so my job is on stand by!!!!Can you help me If I need some helps?May I count on you for my job?and also the code that I'm working on has 4000 lines and do not work for Boundary Layer or compressible flow...and I want to add them to the code after rebuild of it...what do you think?Is it good? or better to do somethings more?If you have better Idea I am interested in know of it!Thanks for the time
Student of mechanical engineering

Transonic Flow

But transonic is where things get really interesting cuz they're all mixed up!