Cyclone Separator Example -> can not solve: singularity

Hi All,
Has anyone tried the cyclone file that is posted in the examples?
Whenever we re-run the sim it bails with a singularity error..
I'm guessing this might be because a simulation setting is not correct, but maybe we are doing something wrong...

Also is there a simple way to get re-run a simulation if you change something?
eg a U field velocity?

(Newbie to Symscape, one of our office guys is trialling it, I'm assisting)


Can't Reproduce the Singularity

I've just rerun the cyclone sym file to 780 iterations and it didn't produce a singularity error. What operating system and version are you using (e.g., Windows XP Pro 32 bit)?

Are you using the latest version of Caedium? To check use the Caedium menu Help->Check For Updates...

If you click the Play button on the toolbar after the singularity error does the simulation run further without incident?

How did you reset the simulation? The best way is to click the Beginning button on the toolbar.

To rerun a simulation I suggest you click the Beginning button to reset the simulation, make your velocity change, and then click the Play button. You can also interrupt a running simulation by clicking (toggling) the Play button, change your velocity value, and resume the simulation by clicking the Play button without resetting the simulation.

For more background on running simulations I'd suggest you review (if you haven't already) our introductory RANS Flow tutorial "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box."

Hope this helps.

Improved Stability

I've revised the solver defaults in the latest version of Caedium (v2.2.0), so this case is likely to be more robust now.