Caedium Version 2.1.0 Release Notes

The highlight of this release is the availability of a native Apple Mac version of Caedium. There are also various 3D selection, Properties Panel, geometry, physics, and particles enhancements for Windows and Linux platforms.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard) is now a supported platform, joining Windows and Linux
  • Selection
    • Improved View Window selection performance
    • Use Ctrl key while selecting to add/remove to/from an existing selection in a View Window
    • Use Shift key while selecting to suppress Select dialog and select an entity in a View Window
    • Standard shortcut keys for list selection in Select dialog, i.e., Shift for range select and Ctrl for multi-select
  • Properties Panel
    • Properties Panel checkboxes and sliders instantaneously apply changes, rather than requiring a focus change
    • Properties Panel adds vertical scrollbar as needed
    • Switch Tool Palette and Properties Panel tabs to show latest new entity, e.g., when dragging and dropping (DND) an Inlet boundary condition onto a face
    • Expand new properties when added to Properties Panel, e.g., when DND an Inlet condition onto a face
  • Geometry
    • Import ASCII point sets (.pts) as vertices (geometry) and groups for easy spline fitting - ideal for defining airfoils [Builder]
    • Create a rectangular geometry grid (using the Rectangle tool) for easy geometry placement and construction [Builder]
    • Option to use a plane as the face geometry for the Fill tool [Builder]
    • Axes, Text, and Light entities now have a length scale to control their visual size to better match the overall scale of the geometry [Builder]
  • Physics
    • Added Continuous and Continuous Rough wall function boundary condition options for nut (incompressible) and mut (compressible) - relaxes the constraint for y+ values to be outside the laminar sub-layer [RANS Flow]
    • Incompressible viscous flow uses the Cell MD gradient limiter by default for more robust convergence [RANS Flow]
    • Added new Physics->OpenFOAM->Singularity preference with options to Ignore, Report, or Stop (default) if a solver produces a singularity [RANS Flow]
    • Mesh->Tetulator->Diagnostics preference is on by default, in order to provide a measure of progress during tetrahedral meshing [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Particles
    • Particles default Direction is Both
    • Particles default Time Step is 0.1s
  • During Windows installation only provide options to associate Caedium with BREP, STEP, and IGES files - avoids the clutter of too many file formats to choose
  • 'Learn More' button added to update notification dialog to give access to release notes

Bug Fixes

  • Save would fail after joining faces on a volume with a Substance [Builder + RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Representing particles as ribbons or tubes and updating them during a simulation sometimes caused a memory overwrite crash
  • Using time slider to reset simulation would cause subsequent solver operations to fail (Note it is still better to use Beginning button on the toolbar to reset the simulation)
  • License activation would report 'Validation conflict' if license key contained a line return
  • After the Select dialog was dismissed, the View Window needed an update to refresh part of the view masked by the dialog
  • Analysis mesh, when no longer needed, was not removed and replaced by geometry facets [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]