Caedium Version 2.1.1 Release Notes

This release contains a number of important bug fixes, mainly for the new Mac OS X version of Caedium.

Bug Fixes

  • All Platforms
    • Preferences->OpenFOAM->Singularity wasn't initialized to the default option
    • If particles source and target were the same, the associated initial particles' properties were missing child properties
  • Mac
    • Various incompatibilities with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) prevented Caedium from starting without errors, displaying OpenGL View Windows, and running OpenFOAM flow simulations
    • License activation failures with restart
    • High frequency flicker on some ATI graphics cards
    • Project file reading into Caedium as a viewer (i.e., no activated add-ons) would hang for some cases
    • EULA and Create Result dialogs are now centered
    • Caedium name missing (only icon visible) in the Activity Monitor process list