Caedium Version 2.2.0 Release Notes

The Caedium RANS Flow and Professional add-ons can now perform CFD simulations in parallel, either on a single machine with multiple cores or on a Windows cluster, which can lead to a significant reduction in simulation turnaround time. Also Windows and Linux versions of Caedium are now 64-bit, which means Caedium can perform much larger simulations (no longer being limited to the 32-bit memory maximum of 2-4 GB).

New Features and Enhancements

  • Speed Ups
    • Parallel CFD simulation using shared memory on a single machine with multiple cores is now supported on all platforms [RANS Flow]
    • Parallel CFD simulation on Windows HPC Server 2008 is now supported [RANS Flow]
    • Improved extraction speed for attributes, e.g., pressure on many faces [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Physics
    • Improved robustness of steady-state OpenFOAM solvers using GAMG [RANS Flow]
    • RANS Flow solver default iteration (for results extraction) is now 100 (previously 10) [RANS Flow]
    • Simulation time duration default is now 5 (previously 10)
  • 64-bit versions of Caedium are available for Windows and Linux. Simulations are no longer limited to the 32-bit memory maximum of 2-4 GB
  • 32-bits versions of Caedium on Windows and Linux are discontinued
  • Single installation package for Linux
  • Improved image export/print quality with option to define PPI to better control text size relative to image size
  • New feedback sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Resume/interrupt was not reset after reading a new project file
  • Property slider failed to change value if previous change was not complete and caused an error
  • New substance did not have visible material properties [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • During mesh import a duplicate face/volume label caused an error [RANS Flow]
  • Pressing play and then immediately pressing stop caused an error
  • Pressing previous after a simulation failed skipped the most recent stable simulation state [RANS Flow]
  • View window focus problem on initial startup