OpenFoam for windows

Does the OpenFoam windows port do pretty much everything that I would get if
I installed Linux then OpenFoam and all the associated stuff? Ie will I be
able to import my CAD geometry, mesh it, solve CFD problems and view results,
in a similar way to the Linux installation? (In my case, I'll want to solve
for air movement and forces from wind impinging on complex 3D geometry).

[Edit: Based on an email exchange]

OpenFOAM Windows vs Linux

Yes, the OpenFOAM Windows port is equivalent to the Linux version except for the constraints mentioned in "OpenFOAM 1.6.x on Windows 64-bit with Native MPI."

Whether you can use the Windows or Linux versions of OpenFOAM to satisfy the sequence of tasks you have specified will depend on your knowledge of OpenFOAM and CFD. OpenFOAM has a rather a steep learning curve if you aren't familiar with it. This was the motivation for developing the Caedium RANS Flow add-on ie., to satisfy the general process you have outlined in an an easy-to-use GUI driven environment.