yacht sails

i was wondering if your panel methode is suitable for verry thin sails with firtualy no thicknes. i like to to do some aero calculation on sails i like to now the resulting driving force and the heel force. i can output surfaces in iges format.

[Edit: Based on an email exchange]

Thick Body Assumption

Our panel method uses a thick-body assumption, so unfortunately it isn't suitable for your thin sails.

RANS Flow suitable?

do you know a panel code software wich is suitable for sails. otherwise maybe the rans flow is suitable.

Define with thickness

[Edit November, 7, 2011: Caedium RANS Flow can now deal with zero thickness (or double sided) walls]

If you could define your geometry as a solid model with thickness
then you could try our Panel Flow or RANS Flow add-ons.

If not then there's a good chance the suppliers of VSAERO might be able to
help you at: http://www.am-inc.com/

will try thickness

yes i can easaly thicken my surface to say 1 or 2 millimeter. i wil try it in the demo.