Panel Flow method

I am currently investigating several aerofoil designs and their behaviour
when in close proximity to each other. I am interested to know if I am able
to use your software to simulate the coanda effect, especially with
multi-element wings (3 elements). The type of wing arrangement I am looking
to replicate is an internal wing aircraft. If you are able to advise on
this it would be greatly appreciated.

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Panel Method Details

I'm not familiar with an internal wing though I came across the
following website:
that discusses it and on that basis I think we should be able to simulate the configuration.

To simulate lift with a panel method (as in our Caedium Panel Flow add-on) you'll need to specify where wakes will be shed - usually along wing trailing edges.

For a review of panel method strengths and weaknesses try "Why Use a Panel Method"

For a flow simulation tutorial on a single wing with a wake try "Flow Over an Airfoil"

For an example flow simulation over a multi-element airfoil try "NLR 7301 Multi-Element Airfoil Calculation"


Thanks for getting back to me, you have found the correct topic online as it is this design of wing layout that I am interested in. In the past we have used other packages for our iterative CFD design like flowizard however that was for inlet tracts etc. As this project only looks at drag/ lift of aerofoils the panel method is probably a better way of obtaining more accurate results. The information on your website is really good, I will give the free trial a go and hopefully purchase a copy.

Many thanks