import solidworks files

I am new to Caedium and I have several parts and assemblies in Solidworks and would like to know if I can open them in your program so that I can run CFD on them?

Exchange Geometry with STEP

Your best option to transfer geometry from SolidWorks to Caedium is via STEP:

  • Export your model(s) from SolidWorks using STEP
  • Launch Caedium and import the STEP file using File->Import

If you have ready access to SolidWorks you might find it easier to prepare your flow volume in SolidWorks.

For internal flows, such as a the water flow through a pipe, you will need a solid model of the internal path the fluid will take. For a detailed tutorial try "Pipe into a Box" and the follow-on "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box"

For an external flow, such as the air flow around a wheel, you need to subtract the wheel from a large box. For a detailed tutorial try "Wheel in a Box" and the follow-on "Flow Over a Rotating Wheel with Moving Ground"

Activate Professional or Exchange for STEP Import

I should also add that you will need to activate (through a trial or paid subscription) either Caedium Professional or Caedium Exchange add-ons to enable the STEP import in Caedium.