32 vs 64 bit

I'm currently trying out your software on a Windows XP platform (32-bit). I see that the 32-bit software is no longer being supported. How long will it be available for use?

Also, how long will the Mac version of your software be in 32-bit mode?


32-bit Windows and 64-bit Mac

The legacy 32-bit Caedium for Windows will be available indefinitely - as long as people still want it, it will remain. Same policy applies to the 32-bit Mac version, i.e., once we update to 64-bit we will keep the 32-bit around, but it will then transition to unsupported legacy mode.

The 64-bit Caedium Mac version is on hold until our cross-platform GUI toolkit (wxWidgets) releases a stable Cocoa version - I don't yet have a definite date.

I guess your concerns about the 64-bit Mac version are relative to the maximum mesh size you'll be constrained to on the 32-bit version? With the 32-bit Mac version you will be limited to 4 GB per process which can accommodate in excess of 4 million cells. Caedium and OpenFOAM run in separate processes so each has this limit not both combined. Hence, it's not as much of a constraint as you might think.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info. Actually, I'm just trying to come up with the most economical way to run your software. CFD is only part of the services I offer and i think that all of my other apps run with 32bit software. I've heard you want to keep 32bit software on 32bit machines so I don't necessarily want to buy a 64 bit machine.

No Problems with 32-bit apps on 64-bit Windows

I haven't experienced any problems running 32-bit apps in 64-bit Windows 7. Windows 64-bit has a special 32-bit emulation layer which seems to work well.

The downside to sticking with the older 32-bit Caedium version on Windows is that it doesn't have parallel capabilities, which if you have a multi-processor/core machine means longer simulation turnaround times. For the enhancements you'll be missing with the old 32-bit version see the release notes for Caedium 2.2.0 and higher.