Can Caedium calculate areas on faces?

I was trying to calculate the inlet velocity and need to determine the area of the inlet face that flow is going through. Is there any way to get that area from Caedium or do I have to go back to the CAD model to get that? Thanks!

Area of a Face

For reference if you want to determine the area of a face then you need to create a new result on the Result Tool Palette. For a tutorial covering the creation of new results review "Fluid Flow Around a Sphere: Theory Comparison."

For the area of a face you'd need to use the Unary->Sum operator on the Scalar Fields->A (area) operand to create the new result Scalar Variables->Sum(A). If you wanted to see the exact value, you'd first have to use the new variable to create a Monitor and then use File->Export to create a CSV file.

Inlet Volume Flow Rate

I'm guessing you have a volume flow rate that you want to specify for you inlet. If so you can do this directly by changing the inlet type. Assuming you have assigned the Conditions->Inlet from the Physics Tool Palette to a face and the face is now selected:

  • Select the Face tab in the Properties Panel, if not already selected
  • Set Physics:Inlet->Type = Volume Flow Rate
  • Set Physics:Inlet->Type:Volume Flow Rate->U:Volume Flow->Flow Rate = volume flow rate